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Introduction to Breast Asymmetry

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Hereditary conditions can create many anomalies, some that just make you unique, others that can be life-afflicting, and then some aren’t dangerous to one’s health but can lead to an issue with self-image later in life. One of these latter issues that affect many women is Breast Asymmetry, and Dr. William Samson in New York City does his best to provide quality, natural-looking results for every one of his patients to alleviate these concerns. To find out more about this surgical procedure, we have provided you with more information below.

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Let’s start with the basics

What is Breast Asymmetry?

Breast Asymmetry is a very common occurrence where a woman’s natural breasts have different sizes, shapes, nipple or areolar characteristics, and in some cases, any combination of these. The patient may have one breast that is much smaller than the other or have unwanted sagging in only one breast. There are also instances where there may be a tubular appearance or constriction to the shape of the breast, as well as nipple-areolar deformities. Underlying skeletal issues can also affect appearance.

Dr. Samson can utilize surgical correction to help improve the asymmetry and shape of the breasts using a breast lift, breast reduction, breast augmentation, or through a combination of these procedures. Once corrected, the results from breast asymmetry surgery can last for years, in certain cases, the surgery needs a “refreshing” due to the recurring process that caused the asymmetry initially.

Although the most common causes of breast asymmetry are tuberous breast (misshapen due to a congenital abnormality that restricts development during puberty), underdevelopment of a single breast bud, or prior breast surgery, it can also be caused by differences in:

  • Breast volume
  • Quantity of skin
  • Position of the inframammary crease
  • Shape
  • The size or position of areolas

There are even certain congenital conditions such as Poland Syndrome and Pectus Excavatum that are known to cause asymmetrical breasts. Poland syndrome is characterized by the underdevelopment of ribs, breasts, and upper extremities on one side, and pectus excavatum is when there is a sunken breastbone in the patient’s chest and becomes more pronounced during adolescence, causing both physical and cosmetic concerns.

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Main Advantages

What are the Benefits of Breast Asymmetry?

Our NYC patients who have received Breast Asymmetry surgery from William Samson, MD have discovered the following benefits after they recover:

  • Areolas can be altered to be the same shape, size, and position
  • Better self-esteem
  • Breasts that are now the same cup size and volume
  • Creates a more youthful look
  • Clothes fit better, including bras
  • Healthier mindset and overall wellbeing
  • More pleasing shape to the breasts
  • Positioned in a more flattering way
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What to expect on the day of surgery

When you come in for your Breast Asymmetry surgery, you will be administered general anesthesia or intravenous sedation, to make your procedure more comfortable for you.

The operation is tailored to the individual’s unique goals and astronomy. Once you are sedated, Dr. Samson will begin your surgery using the techniques discussed during your consultation that are required to help fix your breast’s appearance, which can include Breast Augmentation with an implant or fat transfer, a Breast Lift, Breast Reduction, or the perfect combination of these procedures to achieve the best look. If you would like to know more about how these surgeries are performed, please refer to their specific page on our website for more information..

What’s the First Step?

The first step in getting Breast Asymmetry surgery in NYC is to contact the office of William Samson, MD, and schedule your appointment. During your consultation with Dr. Samson, you will be able to express your current concerns and what your goals are for the surgery. He will ask you about your medical history so that he can make the best choices when preparing your surgical plan, and then examine your breast. After this portion, he will be able to decide on the best treatment and combination of procedures for you and craft your plan.

If you agree with his approach and would like to receive the surgery, you will meet with our Patient Coordinator who will help you select your procedure date and provide you with a list of directions to follow that will produce optimal results during your surgery and recovery.

Who are the Best Candidates for Breast Asymmetry?

A Good Candidate for Breast Asymmetry surgery in New York City is any female who has a desire for better breast symmetry and improved breast contours. The best candidates should also have the following characteristics:

  • Be in overall good physical and mental health
  • Feels less confident, attractive, or desirable do their breast appearance
  • Have reasonable expectations for improvement, rather than perfection
  • Unhappy with the asymmetrical appearance of your breasts
  • Will be able to tolerate and accept that scars are inevitable, but will fade over time

While a woman of any age can get this procedure, Dr. Samson does suggest waiting until your breast development is complete.

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Breast Asymmetry Recovery

After your surgery is performed and Dr. Samson discharges you, you will be able to return home. We recommend that you have a friend or family member available to drive you as you will most like be sore and may still feel some effects from the anesthesia. You will also be provided with instructions on how to treat your incisions, how to responsibly use your prescribed medication, and other tips on how to have a more comfortable and successful recovery.

You can expect to experience temporary discomfort, swelling, or numbness during the first few days to a few weeks. Most patients will be able to resume light activity within a week and drive within 10 days, however, more vigorous activity should wait for one month. Dr. Samson will expect to see you for a follow-up appointment about a week following surgery.

How Much Does Breast Asymmetry Cost in New York City?

The cost of Breast Asymmetry surgery in NYC is determined by many various factors, including the techniques required and the extent of work that is needed. When you come in for your consultation and Dr. Samson can create your surgical plan, our Patient Coordinator will be able to use that information to provide you with a breakdown of the pricing.

Why choose us?

Breast Asymmetry Expert

William Samson, MD is a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, with a special interest in breast reconstruction and aesthetic breast surgery. After developing his interest in cancer while obtaining his Bachelor’s in Science at Tufts University, he participated in an independent research program at The Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School. Dr. Samson continued his research work in the Department of Tumor Immunology for a year before enrolling in medical school at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. After training for 4 years in Plastic Surgery at the world-renowned Emory University, he completed two additional years of Plastic Surgery training at New York Presbyterian Hospital – Combined Cornell and Columbia University Program. His final year of Plastic Surgery training consisted of a Microsurgery and Breast Reconstruction Fellowship at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

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Schedule a Consultation

We understand how one’s appearance can truly affect their feelings of confidence, self-worth, and even comfortability. If you are in the New York City area and could benefit from Breast Asymmetry surgery, William Samson, MD would love to be the one who helps you. You can call our office at 646-956-3493 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Samson, or you can just as easily request an appointment through our website. If you were born with asymmetrical breasts or have had a bad experience from a prior aesthetic breast procedure, you don’t have to live your life unhappy, contact us today for your Breast Asymmetry surgery!

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5 star reviews for William Samson, MD, FACS

Dr. Samson is amazing! I lost about 100 pounds and over the past year he has performed 3 surgical procedures to remove excess skin and transform my body!

– Lisa

5 star reviews for William Samson, MD, FACS

I opted to have a breast reduction 5 months ago with Dr. Samson and I must say the results and experience have been amazing.

– Moniefia

5 star reviews for William Samson, MD, FACS

Dr. Samson and his team treat patients with deep respect, thoughtfulness, honesty, attention to detail and great skill, all combined leading to excellent results.

– Phoebe





We’re here to help, with a number of patient resources designed to make your experience as comfortable as possible. Read through the materials below, and don’t hesitate to reach out and set up your consultation to learn more about what we can do for you.